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Redistricting 2022 for the 99th District

I’m incredibly honored to serve the people of the 99th district in the State House. As you may have heard, the legislature just approved legislation to redraw district lines for not only the State House, but also the State Senate, U.S. Congress, and the Kentucky Supreme Court. This is a constitutional obligation that the legislature undergoes once a decade and is meant to address the population shifts that are inevitable between censuses. 

While there are small changes, I can say with confidence that my colleagues and I have secured a plan that will allow us to not only serve our districts better but will also protect the interests of voters throughout the commonwealth. The bills now await the Governor’s consideration. Here’s a snapshot of what our district will look like once these become law.

I was deeply saddened to learn that I will be losing Lewis County.  Some of the finest people I know. I will continue to do my very best for them through the end of this term. In addition, I welcome the opportunity to serve Morgan County.


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