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It has been an incredible honor to serve in the Kentucky House of Representatives representing Elliott, Lewis, and Rowan counties. As a businessman of over 45 years, I understand how to create jobs, and the role education plays in our global economy. As a pro-life Christian, I stand up for our most important constitutional rights, the second amendment, freedom of speech, and religion. And, in these unprecedented times ecomomic recovery is key.  I am humbled and eager to witness citizens in my district and all across our Commonwealth reap the benefits of our successful sessions in the majority.  

Since being elected, I have worked diligently to defend our Constitutional Rights and to be a good steward of our tax dollars to help Kentucky grow and prosper economically. I’ve used my experience and willingness to serve as a member of Natural Resources & Energy committee, Education committee, and Small Business & Information Technology committee. Working on these committees has provided me the opportunity to have a direct and positive impact on the legislation that shapes the many different sectors of our beloved commonwealth.

 Although the work has been exceptionally difficult in light of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, it has also been deeply rewarding. When re-elected as your State Representative, I promise to continue to work hard to defend our constitutional rights, fight for increased funding for our schools and teachers, increased funding for better roads and internet access, as well as, work to decrease our rising healthcare cost. I will stand firm and work hard to ensure all these things, and much more is granted to the hard-working people in House District 99.





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